All of the local artwork in our space is for sale. Additional information on the featured artists can be found below. 

Allison Molloy

Allison Molloy is a freelance visual artist, graphic designer and makeup artist living and working in Nashville. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in August 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Media Design and a double minor in Fine Arts and Spanish.

At age 18, she entered a poster design contest for Fernet Branca, an Italian type of aromatic spirit. Although she did not win first prize, she did get her name and design submission published in the March 2006 edition of Juxtapoz Magazine. That exciting moment in her life would alter her reality as she knew it.

From then on, Allison decided that an imaginative and colorful lifestyle would fulfill her the most. She sees blank canvases and opportunities to be creative every day.

Allison enjoys using Micron Ink pens, gel pens, India ink, oil and acrylic paints, charcoal, graphite, and other media. Lately, she has turned her focus on fine line work, ink washing, and the technique of stippling. Her dream is to paint and draw large scale and make her mark wherever she goes!

Insta: @doodle_meister

Chris Fun

Chris Fun is a visual artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee. He began painting about four years ago as a means of entertaining himself and further expressing his creative mind.

His preferred style is that of abstract psychedelia, and his paintings are said to be renditions of his imagination.  

He's an active part of the Metanoia Art and Big Dog Collective communities, and he can be found around town, live painting and spreading his good vibes and colorful canvased creations. 

Insta: @c.fun_art