What is GrowHouse Method?



We at GrowHouse Method wanted a space that is challenging physically, but also stimulating for the mind. We're certified personal trainers with a passion for music, art, horticulture and community solidarity so we created a space that includes all of the above. Come grow with us! 


Here's what we offer -


Personal Training & Customized Nutrition Plans

Our fitness facility is dedicated to one-on-one training sessions and private group classes. All of our specialized programming is personalized to meet your individual goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to begin your fitness journey, or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, we want to support your goals from a first-name basis. 

Workshops & Creative Events

Check out our event calendar for various workshops, music and art events throughout the week!

Plant Shop & Art Gallery

Whether you're working out, or just stopping by, we wanted to surround our environment with that which inspires us. All of the plants within the space are for sale, as well as the artwork. We love to surround ourselves with beautiful paintings done by our neighbors, so if you're an artist looking for a place to host your work, let us know! 


With a degree in Horticulture, and an emphasis in Floral Design, Molly is a master at designing beautiful spaces with the use of living greenery. At GrowHouse Method she offers interiorscaping - living interior design - for events, office and home spaces. If the design of our studio isn't enough to convince you she's good, you can check out her floral work with Cedarwood Weddings on Instagram at @cedarwoodweddings. For more information on pricing and availability, reach out to Molly at molly@growhousemethod.com.